Hi, I’m Valerie — I’m a Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Beautycounter Consultant, and Mama with a mission and a passion to help you live your healthiest, happiest and most heart-centered life.

Health problems in my early 20s put me on a 20-year trajectory that led me to realize (OK... forced me to realize) that helping others connect to their own best selves — physically, emotionally and spiritually is where I am most in my flow. I want to share what my experiences have taught me to help you find your flow; so does the universe. Which, by the way, means there’s actually a lot more working in your favour than you might realize!


That’s easy to say now (well, kind of... sometimes I still have to fake it till I become it), but trust me — as sparkly is it may sound to talk about being in the flow, I know it’s hard work. It sucks to get a taste of it for a minute and then feel like you can’t find your way back. The work is often uncomfortable and it certainly hasn’t been all rainbows, unicorns and fairy dust to get here. In fact, “here” is constantly evolving. I still work on myself every day and some days I struggle and miss the mark completely. But, if I hadn’t gone through the trauma, the pain, the long, long list of mystery symptoms and what felt like a million different types of therapies to see what worked and didn’t work for me, I wouldn’t have the tools to help other people work through their own physical and spiritual healing journey. Now, I see those struggles as a gift — a gift to share with others who need help with their own health and healing journey.


Let me back up.


In my early twenties, I started having debilitating pain that NEVER stopped. This was a bit shocking at such a young age and more than a little bit of a drag. Pain in my joints. Pain in my muscles. Headaches. Vertigo. Brain Fog. Weight gain. TMJ. The list was long... and I was only 21 years old!


I was given a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and started seeing doctors. First up was a Neurologist (who put me on antidepressants with side effects as bad as my long list of problems... no thank you!). Next were Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and Integrative Doctors. I tried Ionic footbaths, colon cleanses, sleep studies, hypnotherapy, energy work, and chakra cleanses and went into debt paying for supplements and treatments not covered by insurance. Desperate times called for desperate measures and at times, I truly did feel desperate. There were days where I was in pain — every.single.minute.


Then... I went to my first yoga class.


This was the 90s and way before Lululemon or yoga pants as we know and love them today. Side note: do not wear track pants to a yoga class! Adidas track pants, the windbreaker style, were popular and also happened to be my favorite comfy pants to wear after swimming. Great for after swimming but track pants are loud and slippery when you are trying to rock Tree Pose in a church basement (it was the early 90s in North Carolina... no yoga studios yet either).


But even with the wrong wardrobe, something amazing happened. Yoga gave me my first second... my first minute... my first breath... without pain in a LONG time. It showed me a crack of light in what felt like impenetrable darkness. I realized that if I could be free of pain for that one minute, that one minute could turn into 5 minutes, an hour, a whole day... maybe forever. I had hope.




That moment — that crack that let the light in — is a moment that I still come back to twenty years later. It was a beginning and a moment hot with healing and transformative power. A moment I want to help you find for your own transformation. If you’ve already found it, I want to help you remember it... anchor into it and trust it every day.


That long list of healing modalities, learning more about autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s and how food allergies, sensitivities, stress, and trauma affect our gut and our health plus the biggie of connecting my own childhood traumas to my health problems were necessary steps. There is continually emerging research that supports the connection between trauma and our health; one potential reason why diet and exercise alone doesn’t always do the trick. It’s a full circle path to wellness and I want to help you see the big picture—YOUR big picture.


I want to help you anchor into your own experience of healing, growth and transformation. Navigating the healthcare system, deciding what to eat and what not to eat, determining what kind of exercise to do or not do when you are hurting, tired, financially pressed, or feeling desperate can be exhausting, scary, and overwhelming.


I’m here for you.


Here to listen. Here to support you in making your best, most authentic, most nourishing choices about the food you eat, how to reduce the toxins in your products and your environment, how to manage stress, and how you live your life in ways that work for you today. I’m here to help you make a plan that feels doable and to hold you accountable. To dive deep with you using where you have been as as information, not as a limitation, to empower you to get where you want to be.